Purple PlayBus

Birthday Parties

This will be the birthday party that your child and all their friends remember and talk about for years.

We will bring the Purple PlayBus to either your home or another location of your choice.  We just need a flat place to park.  Our Playful Instructors will entertain and guide the children so that you can enjoy your time with all the parents while the kids are on the bus.

The bus is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter so we come rain or shine; no need for a back-up "weather" plan.  Just watch the children get excited as they see the Purple PlayBus rolling down the street and stopping for them to PLAY.  

Everything on the Purple PlayBus is specially designed for children ages 2-6 years old.  There will be games, tumbling, music, obstacle courses, and lots of birthday Playtime.

Get ready for a bunch of tired kids at the end of the party...they will be swinging, jumping, rolling, sliding, hanging, zipping, and flipping through the bus for non-stop fun.  We will adjust the activities on the bus to accomodate the kids ages and interests.

We offer our standard birthday package and lots of add ons:                                                    

Standard Package                           $   200.00
1 hour Playtime on the Purple PlayBus                            
Up to 10 kids
Purple PlayBus invitations  (eletronic)

Add ons:
Goody Bags                                 $      5.00 each
Extra Kids                                    $     5.00 each
30minutes of extra Play time       $    50.00 half hour
1 hour of extra Play time              $  100.00 hour

Please make sure you check the home page for current deals!

Also, check out the picture pages of other birthday parties.
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